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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Why get involved in sustainable community development? Aid provides a temporary fix and is often needed in a crisis but helping nationals strategically plan for the future, especially if they've never had a long-term strategy before, is necessary to reduce dependance. 150.000 refugees have been cared for in Thailand since 1984 and since 2014 agencies have been repositioning funds and Myanmar has encouraged resettlement. Unfortunately it's not simple. Even though the Myanmar government has invited them back, they have no land and after three generations in the camp, little understanding of how to survive and care for their basic needs in a land they feel disconnected from.

Nation to Nation meets leaders to work on solutions. Nothing will solve the complex problems overnight but by coming alongside nationals, talking through sustainable solutions, and helping with training and the initial phases of community development, villages can learn and have the means to thrive for many generations to come and have the means to welcome back and integrate refugees needing resettlement.

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