For Internally Displaced People and Vulnerable Communities in Myanmar

An estimated


Myanmar villagers have fled their homes due to increasing conflict


May 2021 UNDP estimates

25 million

people, or nearly half the population of Myanmar, could be living below the poverty line


Our Response with Redemptive Compassion is needed immediately!

Emergency Food & Supplies

for 3,000+ Displaced People on Thai/Myanmar Border

Health & Wellness LIFEHUB, Thai/Myanmar Border

An estimated 30,000 villagers have fled to the Thai/Myanmar border to seek refuge from increasing conflict. Without help, many drink the polluted river water and disease and diarrhea add to their struggles to survive.

Nation to Nation is joining the urgent response by providing emergency life essentials, such as 

  • tarps for shelter

  • portable clean water systems

  • homemade chili paste, protein barsand soap

  • non-perishable food (e.g., canned sardines)

  • sanitary and hygiene products 

for  over 3,000 of those displaced people.  


Locally-sourced Food Relief

for Many Facing Undeserved Suffering

Food Security & Training LIFEHUB, northern Myanmar

The Myanmar people are suffering in horrible ways as the crisis continues to escalate. Inflation is up 35% in a month, banks are closed, there is violence and conflict on the streets, and the internet and cell phone data is inaccessible. The poor are crying out for food and water as many find their access cut off and some can't even return to the IDP (internally displaced people) camps because of blocked roads.

We will provide urgent food aid for vulnerable communities that is sourced and transported in-country, keeping agri-farmers afloat during this crisis season. Delivery and distribution of sardines, beans, rice, flour, eggs, and oil is our response to the recent report that by the end of April, 2021, 3.5 million citizens will be without access to basic food. 


You Can Help Bring Hope Today



gives crisis aid to a family



gives crisis aid to a boarding house, drug rehab centre, or rural village



provides hygiene & food aid and mobile clean water systems to internally displaced people (IDPs)

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Please Help! Urgent Need for Rice for 60 Burmese Families

Please help! Urgent need for rice for 60 Burmese families (400 villagers) in Myanmar villages deep inland who are at risk of running out of rice, their key livelihood staple. Their supply access will be cut off soon when the rainy season begins mid-June and rural roads flood.

With your help, we can send 300 bags and keep 60 families from the risk of starvation for $35/45kg bag.

"And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and, looking up to heaven, He blessed them and broke them, and gave them to the disciples again and again, to serve the crowd. And they all ate and were satisfied;…" –Luke 9:16,17

Pray for Myanmar

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