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Fill the HUB

Seeds go into hearts. Seeds go out to hearts. Seeds change lives.

Your Gift Can Help
seeds - family sac_4x.png

Give a family in-need a monthly family sac, with rice, eggs, hygiene kit, cooking oil and cooking essentials.

seeds - HUB_4x.png

Partner to keep our growing national LIFEHUB team training, teaching and serving.

Youth Ventures_4x.png

Empower a youth for a 6-month Youth Vision Program or 1-year Youth Ventures Internship.

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Come alongside conflict-displaced communities with life-saving emergency rice and crisis aid

Your Generosity Brings Hope that Changes Lives!

LIFEPAC backpacks


$35 equips
a student with school supplies and a hygiene kit

Monthly Family Sacs


$100 provides
a family in-need with basic emergency rations for a month

Youth Ventures Internship


$460/month for one year gives an at-risk young adult practical skills training

Youth Vision Program


$750 sponsors
a youth for a
6-month Youth Vision Training

Rice &

Crisis Aid


$1000 - $3000 
provides urgent crisis aid to a community

Bless a Community

Care Equip_4x.png

Your gift of compassion brings life!

Nation to Nation provides life-sustaining resources, walking alongside Burmese and Thai communities as they respond to systemic challenges such as forced displacement, health crises, food insecurity, sustainable livelihood, lack of education and work challenges magnified by poverty. 

Communities on the run


Myanmar children, youth, and families are experiencing forced displacement from their homes and villages due to ongoing conflicts. Many times, they leave with only what they can carry on their backs, leaving them vulnerable to food insecurity, hygiene concerns, lack of access to clean drinking water, and needed items for shelter and safety. 


Positioned at the border, we join our network of local nationals to provide critical aid and compassion whenever needs arise.


Our Compassionate Response:

  • Rice and emergency crisis aid: Food (rice, eggs, oil, canned fish, etc.), hygiene kits (soap, shampoo, dental hygiene supplies, dish soap and laundry detergent), shelter (blankets, mosquito nets, mats, tarps, leaf roofs)

  • Emergency shelters, mosquito nets, blankets, tarps, solar lights, etc. for displaced communities in crisis.

  • Mobile and large-scale clean water systems

Migrant Children / Students


Systemic challenges such as forced displacement, food insecurity, unstable livelihood, lack of access to education, and work challenges can influence a Myanmar family’s decision to relocate. Because of this migration, we see a big need to help support migrant children in the border communities so they are not forced into child labour or exposed to human trafficking.


We support migrant children by working with migrant schools and children's homes to help ensure quality education and consistent, healthy nutrition for sustainable and continuous impact and growth.

Our Compassionate Response:

  • LIFEPAC backpacks filled with locally-sourced school & hygiene supplies and school uniforms

  • Fitness and afterschool fun activities

  • Weekly soy milk and nutritious meals

  • Weekly spiritual formation training

  • Summer camps

LIFEHUB & Next Steps for Youth

HUB team 032024.jpg

The LIFEHUB is a gathering place on the Thai/Myanmar border where our team prepares for the different programs: we produce weekly soy milk, pack monthly family sacs and LIFEPACs, brainstorm and prepare for training among many other things. It also hosts the Youth Vision program, which trains and equips youth with life skills so that they can build self-efficacy in themselves and their futures. The interlocking of the LIFEHUB activities and Youth Vision program also provides opportunities for relationship building and positive role-modeling all while having fun.

Our Compassionate Response:

  • Building community through LIFEHUB with national staff and team members

  • Youth Vision Program to provide sustainable livelihood training to improve English language skills, financial literacy, time & risk management, and social skills

  • Youth Ventures Internship to launch youth to continue to grow through HUB internship or furthering their education


Vulnerable Families In-Need

Families deserve safety, security, and access to food, employment, and health so that they can thrive in all areas of wellness. We know to create long-term generational change we not only invest in the children but also support the family as a whole.


Our team goes out into communities, connects with families, understands their needs, and offers care, support, and encouragement in addition to essential items for living.

Our Compassionate Response:

  • Monthly family sacs with urgent crisis aid like rice, dried noodles, eggs, oil, sardines, and chilli paste, hygiene kits, and other resources including toys, clothes, solar lights, medicine, etc.

  • Personal care with monthly visits

Your Gift Can Make a Lasting Impact:
  • Help communities on the run access clean water

  • Provide fitness and after school programs to migrant students

  • Support the health of migrant children with weekly soy milk and nutritious meals

  • Bless a school with a new playground

  • Empower the sustainable livelihood of a school community with egg-laying chickens and a farm.

I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.’ Hosea 10:12 (NLT)
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