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“Can we help?” Yes!

Updated: Jun 11

Weekly soy milk opens door to building friendship with migrant children and youth at HKL

We never know what can flourish from a simple question of “Can we help?” 

Two years ago, we asked HKL, a Burmese migrant school/home at the border, “Can we help?” HKL is a migrant school and home for Burmese children and youth. It supports children up to Grade 9 with education and a place to stay. Their “yes” to this simple question has opened the door for us to care for the migrant children and youth and bring hope that changes lives. 

We started by bringing soy milk every week to HKL for the 140 boys and girls living at the dorms, which over the past year has increased to around 200 kids. Soy milk is rich in vitamin B and protein, a great supplement for growing children and teenagers. Over the following months, our friendship with the HKL children and youth grew as we consistently showed up, bringing soy milk and spending time with them. Our weekly commitment is our YES to that simple question, “Can we help?” 

Seeing their needs, we asked again the question, “Can we help?” With support from our generous donors, we were able to help enforce the exterior wall of the property. We added solar lights for improved security and installed a clean water system and showers. These improvements have helped provide the school and home with better security as well as physical and hygienic health, as before, the children would have to clean in the nearby river that did not have any coverage. 

Helping with physical needs is essential, but at Nation to Nation, we strive to look after one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual health as well. 

Our friendship with the HKL youth blossoms over time as we return week after week. Because of their growing trust in us, the HUB team has run two 4-day summer school camps with HKL students ranging from Grades 1-9 in 2023 and 2024. Moreover, we have been running special programming for the girls, which includes spiritual formation lessons, games, and activities after each soy milk delivery. Under the guidance of the HUB team leaders, the girls have completed the Seeds of Peace curriculum and gotten to know the Hope that changes lives. 

We wanted to care for the boys, too, but couldn’t until recently, a male staff, Eh Dah, was added to our team! It was such an answer to prayer. We’re excited to start the next lesson series—Seeds of Love—with both the HKL girls and boys in June. 

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10

God can use the simplest of words and actions to bring about His plan, so, today, in all its business, we encourage you to wonder and ask ,“Can I help?”

You can make an impact! $35 gives a child a LIFEPAC backpack with hygiene kits & school supplies500 needed to help keep children in school starting June 1.


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