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Sal's Hopeful Vision for Myanmar Migrant Children

When our LIFEHUB trucks roll into EM school on Fridays, smiling children run from all directions.

Many of these children’s parents find unstable refuge and low wage work on remote work farms after fleeing Myanmar. Their homes are typically one-room stilt homes with leaf rooms that are situated in the hills nearby EM school. Families live in poverty and the children are vulnerable to domestic conflicts and parents who struggle with addictions.

Without stable access to education, these children have a very high chance of becoming child labours or getting forced into teenage marriages on the working farms.

A hopeful vision for the migrant children

Our friend Sal had a hopeful vision for the migrant children.

He and his wife started a school and church, where Sal is the principal, pastor, school truck driver and teacher along with 4 other teachers (including Sal’s wife).

Nation to Nation’s LIFEHUB has been partnering with Sal since Sept 2022. Our team teaches on Fridays, using Bible Hero themes and songs, dance, and activities in English, Thai, and Burmese. We love to add a splash of creative fun with props, costumes, and outdoor play supplies as well!

On a typical “Fun Day Friday”, our team delivers a 40kg rice bag, 3 bottles of oil, 10 flats of eggs, 20 large cabbages to the kitchen for the weekly hot lunch. We also bring 104 hygiene kits for the children and their families.

With our donors’ support, we’ve recently provided Sal with a new school truck. We help provide the children with LIFEPAC backpacks, monthly hygiene kits, a weekly nutritious lunch, and clean drinking water.

The 104 EM school children now have a chance to be who they really are—children with hope-filled destinies and unlimited potential.

This Christmas we have a special blessing in mind!

The landlord kept asking Sal to buy the corn field beside the school. Now we have a dream to turn this field into a:

  1. soccer and game space ($15,000)

  2. children's playground ($18,500)

  3. school community garden ($2,300)

  4. chicken coop for egg-laying chickens ($1,200)

We're hoping to raise $37,000.

Can you help bless the EM school community and church?


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