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Ways Soy Milk brings hope

Did you know? High in protein, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, soy milk is an important health addition to migrant children and youth for their muscle, organ and brain health.

Migrant students lining up for the weekly soy milk

Our HUB at the Thailand/Myanmar border produces 7 large batches of soy milk every week. On Soy Milk Wednesday, 400+ migrant students and children enjoy the nutritious beverage. We make sure to sweeten the soy milk just a bit so it's a well-loved treat by the children.

In providing fresh soy milk every week, we’re able to connect with and build relationships with 14 different migrant schools and children’s homes which helps us deepen the trust between Nation to Nation, the caregivers and children.

Building Redemptive Relationships through Soy Milk

In one migrant school that houses over 100 boys and girls, our consistent investment in bringing soy milk and spending time with the children has provided the opportunity to offer weekly outdoor games, activities and spiritual formation lessons.

Hope Encounter Camp at a migrant school/home

Most recently, we ran a 5-day summer school camp where 60 children were able to participate and be provided hygiene kits! We installed a new clean water system to replace their well that had dried up due to an increase of people at the school. The girls dorm alone has triple in the last few months.

Opportunities to give help and hope

1. Bring soy milk to more migrant schools and homes: Partner with us to increase soy milk production and accessibility via hiring a driver for the soy milk delivery as many schools and homes don't have the means to pick it up from the HUB.

2. Give sustainable livelihood training to youth: Training youth how to make high-quality soy milk will help equip them for their own future small business endeavours.

3. Help make soy milk flow: Help support our HUB staff with faster, safer soy milk machines and the necessary food safety training.

Help give Hope in a cup by supporting Soy Milk Wednesday!


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