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A Gift of Socks

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

After completing three days of social enterprise training in Imphal, India there was a New Year's Day celebration in Delight Cafe & Book Store. The precious family running the cafe called us forward. The father presented us with a small pink plastic bags. Kevin and I and our two adult children who'd helped us deliver the training, received a pair of cozy socks and a neatly folded handkerchief. As we thanked him, he apologized for such a small gift.

But the gift was perfect! just that morning, I put on my thin summer socks wishing I had warmer socks for the 5-leg flight home later that day.

And unknown to me, Kevin had discovered he only had dirty socks left to wear for the trip.

This kind Muslim-born Jesus follower had chosen chose exactly what we needed that day. He beamed as we shared our sock stories. God IS in the details.


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