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Sowing Seeds of Love

Updated: 2 days ago

Oh's dream to bless others birthed Emmanuel Farm.

"I've had a dream about a garden to plant for children for many years because before I got acquainted with Nation to Nation, I lived at the border and I knew about the hardships of people who had to flee the war and lacked food. I've been thinking of how to help them as much as I can." Oh shares.

At Nation to Nation loves partnering with nationals towards sustainable community development. Oh, a Thai national, joined our staff at the HUB in 2022 and in 2024 we helped her launch Phase 1 of her farm.

Oh's envisioning building a garden on a deserted yard at a migrant children's home back in 2022.

Oh's vision for a piece of land where children could have the “space to play and a space to grow vegetables or use their imagination to grow things on the land.”

Oh didn’t start life as a farmer but as she says in her interview “God took me step by step and I learned.”

The pilot project, Emmanuel Farm. Is close to two of the schools we partner with. Oh now teaches children and some of their parents, about planting and growing vegetables and raising chilckens on a real working farm.

"I think it is hard work, but my heart keeps expanding. I think beyond the power of man, this may be difficult to achieve. But by God, you can do everything. That's my belief. And I turned my faith into action. Although it is slow, my heart wants to do it."

"I think it is hard work, but my heart keeps expanding."

Emmanuel Farm is a seed project for Nation to Nation and every seed is sown with perseverance and love. With the right partnerships and land in the future, it has the potential to train and bless many children, families, and the wider community.


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